The foundation couldn’t have come into my life at a more perfect time. Growing up, I went through many different phases when it came to choosing what I wanted to do as a career. When the foundation came along, it was the guiding light I needed to help me pursue my dreams. I’m still in the process of finding myself, but I know for a fact it would be a horrendous struggle if I didn’t have the support of the PowHERful Foundation. It’s more than just a scholarship to me.

I’ve become extremely close to some of the scholars and have been connected with so many influential individuals that play a vital role in helping shape my future. My mentor, in particular, plays a huge role in helping me stay on track. Having someone who genuinely cares about my future and is willing to help me succeed at all costs is a feeling I can’t put into words. I’m immensely grateful for everything she does for me. One day I plan to carry the torch and help someone just like she helps me. With the PowHERful foundation by my side, the only option I have to go is up. The foundation relieves their scholars from stressing about money for school and that allows us to focus on the bigger picture which is excelling in school and graduating.


Class of 2018, Dillard University