Everyone I have encountered has been nothing but encouraging, helpful, caring, and understanding. I now have a second family of successful and confident women who are determined to help me become the best version of myself that I can be.

The ability to go to college at no cost is a phenomenal weight off my shoulders. When I was first applying for colleges, I realized how difficult it was for my parents to even pay the application fees. I then began to wonder how we would ever pay for college if I could barely afford to apply. I received scholarships and continue to but it would not have been enough. I became used to the idea that no matter where I went, I would probably be in debt for the rest of my life. My parents refused to accept this and said they would take out the loans themselves and I knew I did not want them to be in debt for me and greatly considered not going to college at all. But the Starfish Foundation was there for my family. It has allowed me to not worry about money and to instead work on being the best student I can be.

Words will never even begin to express how eternally grateful I am to this foundation and its representatives. I know I have a network of people ensuring that I succeed both in and outside of academia.


Class of 2020, Spelman College