Dr. Patsy McNeil

Board Member

Dr. Patsy McNeil is the Chief of Patient Experience of USACS East. She was a campus partner of MEP Health; a multi-service acute care healthcare company founded in 1997. She is currently a co-founding partner of US Acute Care Solutions, the fourth largest Acute Care services company in the US. She has been in emergency medicine for 20 years.

Dr. McNeil has a passion for patient care and women’s progress, currently sits on the Physician Advisory Board for the Beryl Institute, has done mission work in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as the co-director of a 5-year mission project and is owner of MereaMac Services, a small consulting company. She attended Washington University in St. Louis receiving a double degree in Biology and Anthropology, received her medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and was Chief Resident of the oldest and currently first-ranked Emergency Medicine Residency in the country at University of Cincinnati. She was also a flight physician while in residency.