About the PowHERful Foundation

Transforming lives -- one young woman at a time.

Our Mission

The PowHERful Foundation gets young women to, and through, college. We provide financial assistance, mentorship, and wraparound services to help our scholars achieve their highest potentials. We reach an even broader audience through our Summit series, where we bring day-long conferences to major cities across the country for young women.

Our History

The PowHERful Foundation started as the Soledad O'Brien and Brad Raymond Starfish Foundation, founded in 2011 by journalist Soledad O'Brien and her husband, Brad Raymond. The name Starfish came from the Evangelical tale: a man is walking along a beach littered with starfish when he comes upon a boy picking them up, one by one, and throwing them back into the ocean. "There are so many," the man says, "You won't help them all; it doesn't matter." The boy picks up another starfish and says: "It matters to this one," and tosses it back into the ocean.

Helping one young woman can cause a ripple effect throughout her family, friends, and community. We are working to transform lives -- one girl at a time.

Our Founders

Soledad O'Brien was a long-time reporter with CNN before starting her own company, Starfish Media Group, in 2013. Brad Raymond is the Head of Investment Banking at Stifel, which he joined in 2010. They have four children and live in New York.

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Help us make a difference

Your Contribution Matters

When you contribute to the PowHERful Foundation, your contribution makes a difference in a young girls life.

More than scholarships

The mentorships PowHERful provides are more than just a scholarship - they're relationships that last a lifetime.